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Delayed Transmission Shifting

Is delayed shifting normal?

Here at Broadway Transmission & More, our customers sometimes describe a delay in the response of their vehicle when they shift into reverse or into drive.  They want to know if this is normal.

The short answer is; “No”. 

A car or truck should shift gears immediately when engaged – with no noise and no delay.

What causes a delay in response to gear shifting?

Our technicians explain that these are symptoms or a damaged or failing transmission.  Such shifting delays can be the results of many things such as low transmission fluid (likely indicating a leak), a band needing adjustment or damage to some internal component.

What needs to be done to fix it?

If your vehicle is showing a delay in gear engagement,the first step is to arrange a visit to your local transmission specialist who can diagnose the problem and help you prevent a transmission failure.

Don’t have an experienced transmission technician in your address book?  Why not contact our shop here in Red Lion, PA.  In fact, you can make an appointment online.


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