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21st Century Tune-Up

21st Century Tune-Up (video)
Find out why it is a misconception that today's modern cars and trucks do not need tune-ups as in the past.  Learn what to ask your car care specialist to check to be sure your care continues to perform as it should. If you are overdue for a tune-up, the staff at our Red Lion, PA shop can refer you to a qualified service facility in the York, PA area (Broadway Transmission & More specializes in transmissions, clutches, drivetrains and differentials and does not do tuneup and maintenance service at this time.) 


Important Information about our free services...

The term, "Free Services" pertains to those value-added services such as Free Towing, Free Road Testing, and other free services that are provided during a job that is done by Broadway Transmission & More and for which the customer is expected to pay in full. If a service normally noted to be "Free" is performed but ultimately the customer elects to not have the work done or if the customer has arranged for 'Wrong Side of the Track' Financing, then the prevailing charge will be assessed for otherwise "Free Services" . Free Towing is valid within 20 miles of our shop; beyond 20 miles, we charge $2.50 per mile.