Thank you for trusting Broadway Transmission & More (BTM) for your transmission or drivetrain repair!

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Please read the following terms and acknowledge your understanding below.

  • Most vehicles will need to have the alignment checked after a major repair such as having to have your transmission removed and replaced. We encourage proper maintenance of your transmission to ensure its long life after repair.
  • A lot of items have been removed and re-installed to do this repair; and as with anything, we take care to make sure all is in the same or better condition when it is put back together.
  • Keep in mind that items that are made of metal, plastic or rubber can show signs of wear from removal and installation; but in no way is BTM able to improve upon their appearance, operation or condition from that at the time they came into our shop. For example: If you have a rusty tailpipe or exhaust item, it is possible that from the force of having the transmission removed and installed and the vibration this causes, what was just rusted could crack or break. This is not the norm, but again it is possible; and when these things happen, we will communicate with you, our customer, as to such occurrences.
  • Also please note we can’t guarantee that gas mileage, power or shift feel, etc. will be better or worse after our repairs. We can tell you that your repair will be up to the latest standards and that many things can control gas mileage and shift feel.
  • Sometimes a vehicle’s computer will also need to be updated or - in rare cases - replaced to finish the repair; and that is something you will be advised on if that is the case. We hope you enjoy your repair and that if there are any other questions or concerns you will feel free to call, stop by or email us.
  • We require a free checkup of the work done after 15 days but no longer than 20 days unless otherwise arranged with BTM to keep your warranty intact. No appointment is needed and it only takes a few minutes of your time. Please come in with your warranty certificate so we can fill out the section documenting your visit for the checkup. We are available for this free checkup Monday through Friday, 8AM – noon and 1PM – 5PM!


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