Do you tow with your vehicle?

Some helpful information to those that use their vehicles to tow.  First make sure you have the proper class hitch and wiring for safety for your specific vehicle.  Second make sure the weight of what you are towing is withing the specifications of your vehicle by looking at the decal on the inside driver door or ask your dealership.  Make sure your vehicle has updated features for towing such as heavier shocks and struts, sway bars and stabilizer bars for heavier loads but also make sure you have proper cooling for the transmission.

Heat is still the number one killer of automatic transmissions today!  The properties of todays fluids are designed to carry heat out of the transmission and into a transmission cooler in your radiator in most vehicles. It is a good idea if you are towing to change to a full synthetic fluid that can handle more heat as well as looking to add an external inline cooler and possibly a fan for that cooler.  

The last thing to think about as preventative in nature is to read your owners manual to see how many of todays vehicles have a tow/haul feature you can enable to help the function of the transmission as it handles the extra weight.  If your transmission is already damaged and in need of a rebuild there are many towing and heavy duty upgrades we can incorporated into your custom build to be much better than the original design making towing a breeze.  Make sure you talk to us about all your options when it comes to fluids, coolers and custom rebuilds when the time is right.  

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