Is my transmission bad?

Computer Diagnostics | Broadway Transmission & MoreTodays vehicles are more complicated than ever.  Systems are interdependent which means that they share data to calculate normal operation.  So todays transmissions can seemingly be operating incorrectly BUT be caused by something outside and totally unrelated to the transmission itself.  This is why proper diagnosis from a transmission specialty shop like Broadway Transmission is crucial.Some things that can cause your transmission to run incorrectly and not be a bad transmission are:                 

1. Speed Sensor,  2. Throttle Position Sensor  3. Short term and Long term fuel trim  4. ECM, PCM, TCM or ABS faults  5. Shorts to power or ground in any system sharing wiring with the transmission  6. Believe it or not some vehicles with bad tail lights or sockets  7. Trailer hitch harness  8. Oxyegen Sensors  9. Transfer case and rear differential.  10. Ignition   11. Engine Missfire    12. Restricted Exhasut and many more.

The point is that so many things in your vehicle can produce the same symptom and if not diagnosed properly you may get a transmission repair YOU DON"T NEED!  Call us today to have your vehicle inspected by our certified technicians if you suspect you are having a transmission or related issue.  717-244-1415.

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