Manual Transmission - How It Works

Get a close look at a manual transmission and see exactly how it works and what happens when you move the manual shifter in your car to change gears. After viewing the video, if you have questions or need more details, why not contact the expert technicians at Broadway Transmission and More, and then keep watching the Broadway Trans Blog where we will answer as many transmission questions as we can.

Auto Transmission Care And Maintenance Tips

Transmission Tips

Here at Broadway Transmission and More, we do all that we can to help our customers in the York, PA area save money and avoid costly auto repairs. The following transmission care and maintenance tips should help them to do just that.

  • Have a professional examine the transmission fluid level and condition in your car or truck before changing the fluid.
  • Use a quality fluid and additive like LubeGuard.
  • Use the proper fluid. Read your owners manual for correct specifications.
  • Make sure of the proper operating temperature of your engine and transmission.
  • Have your transmission fluid and filter changed once a year or every 15,000 miles (whichever comes first).
  • Do not rock your vehicle back and forth in the snow.
  • Do not let a little leak go unattended.
  • Keep all your electronic and computer connectors dry and clean. Do not power wash an engine that has electronic controls.
  • Keep the battery terminals and connections clean. Change the battery if acid forms. This acid can ruin a wire harness below the battery.
  • Drive under the recommended workload of your vehicle's capability.
  • Do not hot rod, neutral slam or manually shift your transmission unless absolutely necessary. It's cheaper to replace brakes than a transmission.


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