Not too proud to use remanufactured transmissions at Broadway Transmission



We live in an ever changing world.  Years ago when many components on your vehicle went bad they were rebuilt at a shop.  Many drivers on the road today if under the age of 40 may not remember when alternators and starters were rebuilt at a shop and not purchased in a store.  The same went for radiators when they went bad.  Radiators used to made out of metal and components could be replaced and was a better economic choice than replacement.  

Now lets discuss the history of transmission repair.  It traditionally has always been more economical to rebuild a transmission than to simply replace it with a remanufactured one.  That is not always the case in todays world.  So although here at Broadway Transmission we pride ourselves in our ability to rebuild almost any transmission it is becoming more and more common because of price to recommend a quality remanufactured transmission.  Broadway Transmission is very picky about which of the many companies offering these products to use in our shop.  When we install a remanufactured transmission its still our name and reputation on the line as is our 67 years in serving the York County community. 

We have done extensive research and development and field testing of many large and small remanufacturing facilities such as Jasper, Certified, Coleman Taylor, ETE (who sells to Rock Auto), Movaris (who supplies most NAPA and Advance Auto Part stores) and TDE of Illinois to name a few.  Without any question the quality of TDE of Illinois far surpasses that of all the companies we have researched and why we are happy to endorse their use at Broadway Transmission as an option for your transmission replacement needs.

Going with a reman transmission sometimes is not just the best choice because of price but also for the following reasons:

1.    Time- A lot of times speed of service is also important to a customer and simply installing a unit that is all ready to go is quicker than rebuilding.

2.    Warranty- Because we are near two interstate highway systems we often get out of State break downs.  We believe giving a remanufactured transmission for price, time and warranty are in that persons best interest.  We know the out of the area customer may not know who we are or trust our local warranty reputation and that is why recommending a transmission from TDE here is a great option.

3.    Quality- Reman companies like TDE have the latest equipment and tools for newer transmissions that we have yet to work on.  The average age of a transmission we see on a normal basis is about 7 years old or older.  We get constant training on newer and unreleased transmission models all the time but nothing beats actually doing one or two.  This week for instance we had a 2016 vehicle that needed a transmission that was out of factory warranty already and is one we have not seen.  That is a good candidate for a reman.  

Everyone that comes to Broadway is given multiple options and we try to find the best solution for your individual needs.  Rest assured that if it is in your best interest to chose a remanufactured transmission you can relax with confidence in the vendor of choice we use.


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