The only thing constant is change!

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Remember the old television commercials that said these aren't your fathers oldsmobile?  Well today's transmissions aren't your fathers transmissions.

Most cars coming off the assembly line over the last ten years are at minimum 6 speed automatic or stick shift going up to ten speeds.  The technology has happened so fast it has put a burden on many shops to keep up with proper repair techniques, diagnostic procedures and specialty tooling.  On top of that the amount of time and technology to even remove and install the repaired transmission is a art like never before.

Because of all these advancements and the extra time and having to buy special tooling especially ones to program your vehicles computer the costs have risen as fast as the tech advancements.  So when you call and get a quote don't be surprised when you hear prices ranging from 3-5k when just a few short years ago the average transmission job was $1500.  

Now we also have to put things into perspective here as the initial cost of new vehicles has also risen to unheard of territory than just a few years ago and it stand to reason the second most expensive component , your transmission would also be higher.

All these changes are good in the long run as for total gas mileage and economy.  The constant thing to expect is the current tech is just a gap filler to where things are really heading so the good news is soon the prices of 10 year old repairs should drop as newer vehicles and tech hit the streets.


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