Red Lion Brake Repair and Service

Not all brake work is the same.  Did you know that your car manufacturer designs the brake system in your vehicle specifically and uniquely for the safety and performance of it apart from any and all other vehicles?

Things like stopping distance in a panic situation are scary at best but can you trust that your vehicle will stop on time?  That is why Broadway will only use the original manufacturer material and bonding process for your brake pads and shoes because you have so much riding on your safety.  We also always replace the brake rotors at the same time for the very same reason.  Rotors and the material used in making them are not what they used to be.  Import metals rust out and weaken far quicker than days gone by so it is our opinion that cutting any material off a rotor is not the best practice anymore nor is it very cost-effective compared to new.

Our technicians will examine other items in conjunction with your brake repair.  Many times brake pads wear out just because of miles driven but there are other factors that can make them wear out as well.  A caliper can stick, fluid can be low or worn out, brake hydraulics and or boosters can fail and even debris can get in between pads and rotors.  When a recommendation of repair is given we will do our best to also examine these other items but sometimes it's not till things are taken apart during the repair that they show up needing attention.  If that is the case you will be notified before any additional work is performed.

Lastly, as with our transmission work, our brake work is fully warranted against defective parts and workmanship for 24 months and or 24000 miles whichever comes first.

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