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  • In order to diagnose and give an estimate for repairs, BTM has to test drive, check fluids and do an initial computer scan of the vehicle’s control systems. The fee for this is $90.00 WHICH IS WAIVED IF your vehicle needs a transmission rebuild or replacement with a remanufactured unit and you have BTM do the work.
  • Sometimes further testing is needed and those tests and procedures are done at a rate of $90.00 per hour until a complete diagnosis is done. We will call you and give you an estimated time for these tests so you can know up front what costs are involved. Please understand that due to the complex nature of today’s automobiles, trucks and SUVs ,that sometimes testing wiring and computer systems can take a few hours to get to the bottom of an issue. Having what is called a computer “code” is not a diagnosis but rather a starting point of what needs to be tested according to the specific manufacturer procedures.
  • Some vehicles may require the computer to be re-programmed after repairs or it may be the only repair required. Some manufacturers do not make this procedure available to us and if that is the case you may need to take your car for this service after any of our repairs are done. This is more the case in exotic and European cars but the list grows larger every year. We will advise you after our diagnosis or repair if this further service is needed or a possibility.
  • More information is available at vehicle diagnostics page to help explain our diagnosis procedures.
  • All questions should be directed to Broadway Transmission & More.

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