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  1. All estimates are as close to the final cost as we can give at this time and is not an exact quote. Due to nature of the work, some unseen items may be needed to complete your repair; and you will be advised if they come up. Such items include but are not limited to rusted or broken bolts, mounts, external coolers, lines, shafts or any other item that has to be removed to gain access to your transmission and found to be in need of repair/replacement to finish the installation of your transmission/transfer case etc. Depending on the extent of the damage to the transmission your transmission cooler and lines will have to be cleared of this debris so it does not re-enter the replacement transmission and cause damage. If this service – called a “Hotflush” service – is needed, it will be at an additional charge at our hourly rate of $118.00.
  2. Please also be aware that many times, due to no fault of BTM , parts get backordered or are sent incorrectly and that this may delay our efforts of meeting the time we plan to have your vehicle done. Also at times, although rarely, our quality assurance standards will dictate that our first best service attempt may not be acceptable – thus, our policy provides that we must tweak or even redo a complete job. Please bear in mind that other than you, our customer, no one is more eager to complete your vehicle’s repairs than the BTM crew and we are not paid until the job is done. We understand the stress of not having your vehicle done as estimated, and it is not our goal to delay this at all. We always try our best for you, our customer; and we will make every effort to make any delay as short as possible.
  3. It is the policy of BTM that full payment is required at time of job completion. We offer several payment methods to meet your needs. It is important that you inform us of how you intend to pay as soon as possible, as paying customers get first priority.
    1. We accept checks, Debit Cards, Cash and all credit cards EXCEPT AMERICAN EXPRESS.
  4. Please also be advised that your estimate does not include the following charges which will be added to your final invoice amount:
    1. Sales tax is applied to your invoice when the job is complete since it is based upon the exact price of the job. When we are done the job we would gladly give you a final price with tax before you come in if requested.
    2. The cost of special chemicals, supplies, although not a requirement for all jobs, many jobs need such items as silicone, brake clean, locktite, helicoils, penetrating oil, hardware, anti-seize, lubricant, die electrical spray, shrink tube, fuses, molding clips, assembly gel, hot tank cleaner, safety kleen tank, solvents, degreasers, torch set etc.
    3. Federal, State and local environmental laws dictate that any cost incurred to dispose of any item or fluids from your car will be itemized separately on your final invoice. Again, not all vehicles will have such charges.

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By submitting this form, you are accepting the estimated cost entered above and approving BTM to do the recommended repairs to your vehicle.

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