Transmission Services Provided by Broadway Transmission in Red Lion, PA

Transmission Service and Repair

Broadway Transmission and More is the leader in York, PA for the maintenance, service and diagnosis of automatic and manual transmissions. The technicians in our Red Lion transmission shop have over 90 years combined experience in automotive service. They are certified in their field of transmission repair and service, and they have the correct tools and latest diagnostic equipment to assure that your transmission is diagnosed and serviced correctly -- all at a competitive, fair price.

At our York County, Pennsylvania shop, we offer a comprehensive range of transmission repairs and services. We use the latest, state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and quality replacement parts. Our team of York, PA transmission professionals and mechanics can have you back on the road in no time.

4-Wheel Drive (4X4)

Transmission Repair

Broadway Transmission and More is the leader in York, PA SUV and 4-Wheel Drive (4x4) transmission service and repair. Our Red Lion, Pennsylvania SUV and 4x4 service includes the draining and refilling of your vehicle's transfer case and differentials with clean fluids and a thorough inspection of your vehicle by one of our professional mechanics, trained in transmission service.

Automotive Computer Diagnostics

Our York County, PA transmission shop employs the latest technology and equipment to scan computer in your car or truck for problems. During the computer diagnostics, our technician will also check your vehicle's electrical components, solenoid and sensor elements, as well as its wiring.

More than half the problems that find their way into today's transmission shops are not caused by the transmission. The computer in your car or truck may become faulty; and this results in sending your transmission faulty signals. Today's high tech vehicles are closer to a space shuttle than to a Model 'T' and require highly skilled technicians to repair them. High tech and economics require shops be compensated for accurate and efficient diagnostics.

Three Tiers for Diagnostic Fees

Not all diagnostic work is billable. To get an idea of how much of your car's diagnostic service is billable and what it will cost, here is a quick explanation of the Three Tiers of Diagnostic Fees.

Tier 1: Verifying the Complaint

During the first tier, we go over the details of your complaint, and try to verify them under actual operation. This may include a basic visual examination, checking the fluid level and condition, and a thorough road test, if possible.

Tier 2: Isolating the Source

The second tier is to determine whether the problem is inside the transmission or in one of the external systems that affect its operation. You won't be charged for a second tier diagnosis if (a) the problem is inside the transmission, and (b) you agree to have us perform the repairs. Any other conditions involve billable diagnosis. Second tier diagnosis usually takes between 30 minutes and one hour.

Tier 3: Pinpointing the Diagnosis

In most cases, third tier diagnosis only takes place if the condition is being caused by the computer system or one of the external systems affecting transmission operation. Because of this, almost all third tier diagnosis is billable. Third tier diagnosis usually takes between 45 minutes and two hours, but can go longer depending on the problem.No one likes to spend money on diagnosis. But a well-planned diagnosis can actually save you money... and isn't that really what's important?

Automatic Transmission

Automatic Transmission

Broadway Transmission and More is recognized by ATRA - Automatic Transmission Rebuilder Association - as being a leader of the repair, diagnosis, and service of automatic transmissions for your car or truck in the York and York County, PA region. The technicians at our transmission shop are all highly trained and certified, and this ensures that your vehicle gets the service that you expect.

External Diagnostics

Broadway Transmission and More offers a complete external diagnostics service for the transmission of your car or truck to identify problems that exist.

The external diagnostics service at our York County, PA transmission shop is a comprehensive, systematic evaluation of the condition of your transmission done by our trained and certified transmission technicians.

The external diagnostics service includes...

  • Checking for low fluid levels that may indicate a leak, contaminated or burnt transmission fluid that may result from overheating
  • Road test for a performance evaluation
  • Thorough underneath inspection with your car placed on a lift at the shop

Transmission Fluid and Oil Filter Replacement

Broadway Transmission and More recommends vehicle service for draining and changing the transmission fluid, cleaning the oil pan, and replacing the oil filter every 15,000 to 60,000 miles if you operate your car or truck under normal driving conditions to keep it in top performing condition.

Manual Transmission Service

Broadway Transmission and More handles all manual transmission problems with professional diagnostics, service, and repair for your car or truck at our Red Lion, Pennsylvania transmission shop here in York County, PA. Our certified technicians are professionally trained, and they will consult with you so that they can then provide the manual transmission service you expect and deserve - at a fair and competitive price.

Performance Transmission Service

Get the most from your performance vehicle with our York, Pennsylvania performance transmission service. We specialize in service for those who use their car or truck for towing heavy loads or performing such tasks as snow-plowing and also for those whose performance cars and trucks are for racing and street performance use.

Our transmission technicians are all highly skilled and trained and ready to meet your vehicle's every performance need using only top-quality parts and the latest performance components.

Transmission Adjustment Service

Broadway Transmission and More offers a variety of automatic and manual transmission adjustment services for both foreign and domestic cars and trucks. Many of those who bring their vehicle to our York county, PA transmission shop are relieved to learn they do not need a costly transmission rebuild or replacement, but instead only an adjustment to the transmission. At our Red Lion, Pennsylvania shop, adjustments may include replacing faulty transmission sensors, fixing bad connections to the vehicle's computer, or replacing a defective solenoid pack.

Transmission Cooler Service by Broadway Transmission and More

Broadway Transmission and More provides complete external transmission cooler service and installation for those in York, PA and the surrounding York county area who own racing or high performance street cars, or those cars and trucks that regularly haul a heavy load such as a trailer. An external cooler in your vehicle will help keep your transmission fluid at a lower temperature and also serve to reduce transmission overheating or burnout.

Transmission Rebuild Service by Broadway Transmission and More

Broadway Transmission and More offers complete automatic and manual transmission rebuilding services by highly-trained and certified transmission technicians for both foreign and domestic automobiles.

A transmission rebuild, sometimes called a complete transmission overhaul, includes the complete removal and disassembly of your transmission. Each part of the transmission being rebuilt is inspected for wear and damage. During the rebuilding of your transmission, all gaskets and seals are exchanged during the replacement process.

Transmission Replacement Service by Broadway Transmission and More

Broadway Transmission and More is a leader in York, Pennsylvania for manual and automatic transmission replacement for both foreign and domestic cars and trucks. A transmission replacement is an alternative to a complete transmission rebuild and can help get you back on the roads of York county, PA quickly. We can replace your current transmission, where needed, with a transmission that is either rebuilt, re-manufactured or recycled. If you decide that a transmission replacement is the best option for your vehicle, then one of our expertly trained and certified transmission technicians will explain the difference and then, based on your preference, replace the transmission in your car, truck, SUV or van.

Transmission Replacement

Transmission Reseal Service by Broadway Transmission and More

When diagnostics of your transmission at our Red Lion, PA shop indicates that the fluid in your automatic transmission is not being retained but there are otherwise no problems driving your vehicle, we will likely recommend a transmission reseal service.

Our reseal service will include the removal of your transmission for the replacement of its external seals and damaged components to eliminate the transmission fluid leakage.

Transmission Reseal Service

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